German Beech is the pre-eminent species of Europe’s 
temperate forest, the second largest in the world. It 
makes up 57% of Germany’s hardwood forests.
German law limits cutting to less than 66% of the 
new-growth rate. Europe’s forests have the highest 
growth rate percentage in the world.
Beech is more solid than Red Oak and Hard Maple,
& is renowned for its high shock resistance.

Eucalyptus trees grow quickly and may be harvested within 14 –16 years of planting. Lyptus® forests are 11 times more productive on a per acre per year basis when compared to a temperate forest, which may take 80 to 100 years or more to mature.

What makes Bamboo a green product is that it’s a grass and not a hardwood. It can be harvested every 4-6 yrs, depending up on the variety. To utilize the bamboo as a building product the 4-6 inch bamboo stalks are harvested and diced up into cubes, and cut into strips.
Durapalm® furniture-grade plywood is made from plantation-grown Coconut palm trees that are past their fruit bearing years. The 100% coconut palm sheets come in either flat-grain or edge-grain and range from dark to medium-red mahogany in color. Durapalm plywood is unique to the panel industry, both in its unconventional construction and the fact that it is made from reclaimed palms.

Our pre-catalyzed clear finishes, which provide exceptional durability and resistance to water & wear, are formulated with no HAP’s solvents, contain ultra low formaldehyde & meet world E-1 standards.

Further Education
We at Artisan Custom Cabinetry, Inc are continually researching and accessing new materials, processes, finishes etc. to help reduce our carbon foot print while maintaining the quality of our products. 

       By buying FSC products you provide incentives for responsible forestry. You can enjoy your purchases knowing it has not contributed to the destruction of the world’s forest or even come from companies involved in human rights abuses. Over time, your choice with many other responsible purchasing decisions will lead to even more forests being managed responsibly the FSC way.

     Here at Artisan Custom Cabinetry, Inc. we are concerned about the environment and our impact upon it. Therefore we are able to provide environmentally friendly materials and finishes for those involved in the “green building movement”.

We can provide and use
FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)                 certified lumber & plywood
Formaldehyde free plywood
Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) or water based finishes

We welcome the opportunity to fabricate your project  from sustainable forestry products including European beech, Lyptus, Bamboo or even Coconut Palm.

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A recent project: 
The rare books room at the Phillips Theological Seminary,
 Bookcases & display case made of formaldehyde free ply with an aliphatic urethane finish (as recommended for museum quality display cases)